About the Acne study

Phase II study on patients with Acne, aiming to recruit 660 patients through 35 sites in USA.
The client wished nRollmed to propose a digital patients’ recruitment strategy to extend the reach of the sites to additional potential patients within the sites geographical region.
The scope included 10 sites out of the 35, which are at high risk to miss the target of minimum patients per site.

Study challenges

Recruitment pace was slow and recruitment period planned to end in few months. Attracting the attention of the relevant population in the online world was done quickly, yet it was challenging to keep the candidates motivated and reachable through the screening process.


nRollmed strategy targeted potential patients located in proximity to the trial sites, focusing specifically on adolescents with high probability of suffering from acne and their parents seeking treatments for them. A call center located in USA played an important role in reaching out to potential patients, with very vigorous communication tactics.

Campaign results

Lead generation was completed within 10 days, which was much earlier than expected. Patient recruitment out of those leads was about 4%, as expected with young and restless population.