Pancreatic Cancer

Pancreatic Cancer

A Phase II multicenter clinical trial using an anti-angiogenic drug combination designed for the treatment of cancer. The sponsor was Tiltan pharma a biopharmaceutical company and the goal was to recruit 99 patients suffering from pancreatic cancer across 10 sites.

Study challenges

The recruitment was a challenging due to rigorous inclusion criteria and the saturated indication with number of strong competing clinical trials in many of the sites. The main challenging criterion was sadly the very low life expectancy of several month. In addition, the patients had to be 'naïve' - before the first chemo treatment which meant targeting them in the first 2 weeks from the diagnosis of the disease.


After a research, nRollmed had several insights for declaring the strategy. The patients spend a lot of time seeking for alternative treatments across the web because of the lack of existing effective medicine and are open to joining clinical trials. Also, patients are less limited to geographical location and are willing to travel longer distances for the opportunity of receiving the treatment.

Campaign results

nRollmed operated both the online campaign and the call center. 400 leads were gathered by nRollmed’s online campaign, 25% of the trials recruited patients were through nRollmed channel.