About the presbyopia study

A proof of concept study on patients with presbyopia, aiming to recruit 30-40 patients at one site in Israel. The study was designed as double-blind, with 14 days of treatment followed by another 14 days of crossover treatment.

Study challenge

As potential candidates are not suffering from a serious medical condition, the site struggled to find enough patients.


nRollmed was involved from the beginning of the study and developed a strategy to target potential patients located in geographical proximity to the trial sites. nRollmed targeted adults with an inability to focus on nearby objects, who experienced blurry vision when reading, sewing or working at the computer. nRollmed spoke to their frustration with reading glasses, and piqued their interest in a non-invasive, alternate solution.

Campaign results

Within 6 weeks more than 60% of trial patients were recruited as a result of the nRollmed campaign.