We are experts in online patient recruitment

We do it fast, efficiently and in all indications

The problem

Whether you are a sponsor, CRO or Hospital, patients’ recruitment is probably one of your biggest concerns.
Regardless which role you play in the clinical trial, when you are not recruiting - you lose money.

Online recruitment

Digital search is the most efficient way to recruit patients. 44% of people find out about studies through media. Only 14% gain the information from their physicians.

We deliver!

Our experience shows an increase of up to 66% in recruitment if we are engaged at the beginning of the recruitment period and 25%-50% improvement if we step in to rescue a study.

The process

* Learning about the indication and study specifications
* Prepare material for IRB and obtain approvals
* build a study online campaign with a specifically designed website.

Fast set up. Globally.

2-3 working days after IRB approval is obtained, your campaign will be “on-air”. At any country in every language you need.

What do you get?

Contact details of potential patients (leads) who left their details in the web page and agreed to be approached. Leads details are automatically sent to sites per geographical distribution.

Minimum expenses

With our “per success” model, you pay only for the leads you get.
No more unexpected vendors or surprising out of scope payments.

Flexible model

You choose how many leads will be sent to sites per month, how much budget you can allocate, or for how long you want the campaign to run.

Better control

Each campaign integrates with our PRM - Patient Relationship Management tool. A cloud based system, optimizing the recruitment process at the site level.