We suggest a different model of site identification

where recruitment needs are considered before sites and investigators are identified

Where to open sites ?

Very simple - you open sites where you can find patients !
We check geographical prevalence and use live data about patients’ interest in your trial indication as criteria in site selection.

time for new methods

For years, the clinical trial industry invests much in identifying the sites with the correct qualifications and credentials, considering standard of care, key opinion leaders etc. and yet, 30% of sites will fail to recruit a single patient and 50%-70% will fail to meet their recruitment target. It is time to deploy new methods.

Cost saving

The average cost of initiating a site is $20,000 - $30,000 and the estimated cost of maintaining sites is $1,500.
Our capabilities in identifying geographical locations where recruitment success is more probable, can dramatically influence your recruitment time and save a fortune.

Benefits to your investors

Proper sites selecection will help you to set rialistic expectations about recruitment timelines with your stakeholders and avoid future disappointments that can lead to investors’ freeze of funding.

Nurturing the market

Use the Prediction process for pre-nurturing of the relevant communities towards your upcoming study.

In time, you can use our services once your product is launched and nurturing of end users and decision makers is a key factor in the promotion and commercialization stages.