nRollmed provides sites with pre-screened, engaged leads meeting their changing absorption capacity; a personal site liaison officer; and a site-specific participant tracking system. Our PRM (Patient Relationship Management) tool is a cloud based system that gives the site staff a supportive platform to easily manage the patients.
Cloud based tool

The Patient Relationship Management (PRM) platform is a cloud base system, customized specifically for each study. It allows each site’s team keep track of referred leads and tasks in one easily accessible location.

Individual support

Designated project manager follows up with sites and patients to reduce the site’s workload. The nRollmed system is easily set up - all you need is 10 minutes of training.

Finding your right match

nRollmed learns each site’s specific needs and preferences, to give the sites exactly what they need to succeed. All leads are delivered to the sites via the PRM system.

Less work for sites

With less work you get much more - The whole patients' administration is done in one place and easily shared among site staff. This includes automatic reminders according to your study specific design.

Sites' motivation

Success stories and lessons learned are shared among all sites to improve performance. When it is so easy to manage the screening process - no wonder sites are more cooperative and focused on your study.

Patient Engagement

Patient engagement is strengthened with automatic messages, relevant reminders relating to study routines and instructions, and interesting content related to the indication, to keep your patients engaged and involved until the end of the study.

Transparency to sponsor

Monthly reports about recruitment progress are shared with sponsors and among sites, to improve performance.

Unique solution

The PRM helps to ensure you are not losing patients due to lack of attention.
The system is HIPAA compliant.

Call center service

When flow of leads is too difficult for the site to manage, a phone pre-screening is available.

PRM (Patient Relationship Management) tool - an intuitive easy to use cloud based system