The Patient Journey in the clinical trial

nRollmed solutions are integrated in the life cycle of the patients in the trial, and efficiently lead them through the different stages of the study

Treatment Seekers
Lead Generation
Trial candidate
Screening Optimization
Enrolled Patient
Engaged Patient
Engaged Patient

our solutions touch both patients & sites

We find patients, and give you unique tools to enroll and retain them


Just imagine you could know in advance which sites have the potential to deliver recruitment goals on time.
We can reduce your uncertainty and provide you with sites location where interested population exists, before or during your feasibility and sites selection process.

Lead Generation

We are expert in online patient recruitment. We do it fast, efficiently, globally and in all indications. We build an online campaign that delivers.
Whether you are planning your recruitment strategies or already found that your investigators’ database has been exhausted – this is the time to use our expertise

Screening Optimization

We want sites to work smarter. Not harder. Our PRM (Patient Relationship Management) tool – a cloud based system – gives the site staff a supportive tool to easily manage and communicate with each patient, and gives the sponsor real time insight on progress. We make collaboration real and effective.


A successful recruitment & retention process is highly attached to the patient satisfaction and commitment to the trial.
As a digital company, we will help you automate the communication with the patients along the study stages.
It will be interesting and just right in terms of time, length & relevancy.

you can be at the top

improve your chances to bit the industry statistic

Move to the upper 20%
80% of studies fail to meet enrollment timelines. Each day a drug development program is delayed, costs $40K in operational costs and $600 to $8M in lost of opportunities
Use the most advanced solutions
Big Pharma’s approach to recruitment is evolving and internal massive investments are made in new tools. Patients centricity concept and patient recruitment are going hand in hand as one holistic model
Ensure your trial stands out
Because studies are much more complicated - Over the past decade, the average eligibility criteria for clinical trials have increased by 58%, while patient enrollment rate dropped by 21% and retention rates fell by 30%.
Win the competition from the beginning
Competition is fierce on each patient and on site attention. Don’t leave it to the discretion of the site to which competing study to enroll the next eligible patient

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our Advantages

nRollmed knows how to find patients, and equally important, how to make them stick with your study routines until a successful completion.

Online campaign

Specifically designed campaign to generate "leads" - people who are considering to participate in your study and interested to hear more information. The campaign targets audience per geographical area and relevant criteria.

Filling the Gap

Sites can always recruit some of the patients and we want you to benefit from that. We supply leads only to complete a recruitment gap. Number of leads we provide per site will be determined by you according to your needs on a monthly basis.

Site Optimization

Cloud-base customized PRM tool is a significant aid for sites in managing the recruitment, screening & retention activities. Success stories are shared among all sites. 

Cost Effectiveness

Among all traditional methods, an online campaign is the most cost effective one. With us you also benefit from: 1. Success fee pricing model – pay only for leads you get. 2. No Initial investment - stop the campaign once patient target is achieved, without compromising high fixed investment.

Patient Centricity

Successful recruitment & retention process is highly attached to patient satisfaction and commitment to the trial. As a digital company, most communication with patients through their entire journey in the clinical trial, will be automated & frequent.

Total Flexibility

3 dimensions of flexibility: 1. Choose which services you need per your clinical trial stage. 2. Choose which sites to involve, how many leads to refer them and for how long. 3. Choose when and how to change the above choices.


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