The Patient Journey in the Clinical Trial

nRollmed offers faster patient enrollment with tailor-made services to fit your trial specifications, by combining data-driven patient targeting with patient pre-screening and personal site support. Our solutions are integrated into the patients’ journey through the trial. Each stage is designed to offer faster, reliable patient participation.

Awareness campaign
Treatment Seekers
Trial candidate
Site support
Enrolled Patient
Engaged Patient
Engaged Patient

you can be at the top

Improve your chances to beat the industry statistics

Move to the upper 20%
80% of studies fail to meet enrollment timelines. Each day a drug development program is delayed costs $40K in operational expenses and $600K to $8M in lost opportunities
Use the most advanced solutions
Big Pharma’s approach to recruitment is evolving; tools to increase efficiency currently represent a large investment area. The concepts of patient centricity and patient recruitment are merging into a new, holistic model.
Ensure your trial stands out
Over the past decade studies have become much more complicated and this is reflected in the numbers – eligibility criteria for clinical trials have increased by 58%, patient enrollment dropped by 21%, and retention rates fell by 30%.
Beat the competition from the beginning
On-site competition for eligible patients and trial attention is fierce, so don’t leave the enrollment of the next patient to the discretion of the site, which may not have your trial as a priority. We help you get ahead and come out on top.

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Why nRollmed?

nRollmed gives you faster, more effective patient enrollment by combining data-driven patient targeting with personal site support and patient engagement.

Digital outreach

Specifically designed campaign to generate "leads" - people who are considering participating in your study and are interested in receiving more information. The campaign targets audiences based on geographical area and relevant criteria.


Not all sites can find enough patients from their own sources, such as their internal patient database. We assist in supplying leads to complete the recruitment gap. You determine the number of leads you would like us to provide on a monthly basis.


Our cloud-based customized PRM tool helps sites manage the patient referrals they receive. Sites appreciate how intuitive and streamlined our management software is.


Among all traditional methods, an online campaign is the most cost effective to date. Working with us you also benefit from: 1. Our pricing model – pay only for leads you get; 2. No initial investment - stop the campaign once the patient target is achieved.


A successful recruitment & retention process is highly correlated with patient satisfaction and commitment to the trial. Patients who proactively initiate their participation in a trial are more compliant. To keep them engaged, nRollmed leverages the relationship they developed with your patients in the pre-screening process.


We offer three dimensions of flexibility: 1. Select the services you require for each stage of your clinical trial; 2. Select which sites to involve, how many leads to refer, and for what length of time; 3. You can change these choices and preferences as needed.


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