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A Track Record of Success
nRollmed was very open-minded and flexible when working with us and helped us find the patients we needed. The staff was tireless in creating solutions that met our enrollment needs. Their performance continuously improved as we learned together the best ways to recruit patients for our study. In fact, nRollmed helped us to do our jobs better. We would definitely turn to nRollmed again in the future.
Jacob Zankel
CEO, Cytora

We used nRollmed services for several clinical trials to overcome rigorous inclusion/exclusion criteria. The online marketing campaign exposed our clinical trials to the relevant patients across the internet and helped us meet our recruitment goals on time. I will definitely use nRollmed again in future studies.

Dr. Joseph Zohar
Department Chair at Sheba - Tel HaShomer Hospital

We were very impressed with nRollmed’s ability to recruit patients for a challenging indication (OCD). We then partnered with nRollmed for our next 2 studies (PTSD and MDD) spanning several sites in the US and Israel. We received excellent results and support throughout all 3 of the trials. We will definitely turn to nRollmed for future studies.

Black hills
Amit Ginou
VP & Site Manager, Brainsway

I’ve had the privilege to work with nRollmed on 3 studies and they exceeded expectations each time. Prior to working with nRollmed, I had never worked with a patient recruitment company in my 10 years in clinical research. Having nRollmed as our dedicated recruitment team helped us reach our recruitment goals sooner in every study that we’ve worked with them.

Kelly Hall
Associate Director of Clinical Operations, Orasis Pharmaceuticals

nRollmed has supported our patients’ enrollment in a Phase II clinical trial for 1.5 years. Enrollment was sped up due to nRollmed’s devotion, creativity, and their trial-adjusted advertising platform in spite of the competition around the specific patient sub-population. I highly recommend nRollmed’s advertising platform as part of any clinical trial enrollment efforts.

Osnat Ohne, PhD
COO Tiltan Pharma Ltd

nRollmed referrals definitely were informed upon being sent to our site, making them motivated to continue in the process. I believe this was due to the in-depth pre-screen/interviewing process.

Hill Country
Sheila Nardelli
Study Coordinator, Hill Country Eye Center

nRollmed was much better than any other recruiting service we used. They took more time to gather patient data and learned the qualifications of what it took to get into the study. The patients were all excited to screen for the study.

Whitney Shavalier
Clinical Research Coordinator, Digestive Research Alliance of Michiana

It was easy to get patients who would qualify, who were very interested in the study. The nRollmed team was willing and very helpful.

Eye instituate
Lizza Teller
Study Coordinator, Black Hills Regional Eye Institute

The patients that I spoke with all met the criteria for this trial and were good quality subjects.

Eye care specialists
Gary Stavish
Clinical Research Coordinator Eye Care Specialists

nRollmed actually feel like they care. The team is very open to feedback and suggestions.

Scott & Christie
Dr. Hindman
Scott & Christie and Associates

nRollmed listened to our needs. Other recruitment companies I have worked with would bombard us with referrals and we couldn’t keep up with them. nRollmed worked with sites individually according to their needs.

Durrie Vision
Teresa Nolan
Research Coordinator, Durrie Vision

Patient recruitment was perhaps our biggest challenge (pregnant women at risk of PTB), and we were amazed by the professionality, broad-spectrum understanding, adjustment capabilities, efforts, and attention to details, demonstrated by nRollmed. They have used multiple methods, sought relevant connections, were always on top of things, and constantly reflected the process to us. Thanks to their great work and consistent support throughout the study, we reached our sample size.

David Shashar
M.D. CEO, PregnanTech

nRollmed has been working with Vibrant on promoting the company’s clinical study on social networks. The positive and professional attitude were beneficial in accelerating recruitment of patients for the study. I do appreciate the work done for us.

Lior Bentsur
CEO at Vibrant

nRollmed helped us on a difficult project in promoting patients’ recruitment. They learned the case and developed a strategy based on the study protocol’s needs. The campaign was successful and drew the right patient population on time. Moreover, nRollmed staff were deeply involved in daily activities of the campaign and all with a pleasant attitude.

Dr. Dan Goldstaub
Clinical Research Director at MSD
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