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nRollmed provides up to
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faster enrollment
End-to-end recruitment using digital outreach across platforms
We engage with patients that fit study criteria in relevant geographic areas. Target ads to interested patients and help them learn more and get involved in your clinical trial.
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Our Process

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Awareness Campaigns
We use innovative digital outreach methods across platforms to engage and enroll patients.
Ideal Patients
Find eligible patients where they are: online and in affiliated communities, beyond the reach of clinic and site databases.
Minimum Expenses
A "pay per success” model means you pay only for the leads you get.
Flexible Model
Select lead volume, budget allocation, and campaign duration in real time.
Better Control
Campaigns integrate with our PRM (Patient Relationship Management) platform to optimize the recruitment process for sites.
nRollmed’s team of medical professionals contact potential participants for a comprehensive pre-screening interview and provide relevant trial details. High touch interactions increase patient engagement and create relationships that last throughout the trial. Study coordinators appreciate the high-quality patient referrals. Read their testimonials here
Online Questionnaire
Find patients who fit study criteria, including medical profile and symptoms, age, gender, diversity requirements, and geographical location.
Call Center Service
A patient liaison team conducts a pre-screening interview by phone before referring a patient to a site, allowing sites to spend time with select, highly qualified candidates.
What You Get
Contact details of potential patients who provide their information on the website and have been pre-screened. Lead details are referred to sites based on their geographic location.
Site Support
nRollmed provides sites with pre-screened, engaged leads while the dedicated site liaison officer is engaged throughout the process to meet for patients needs and reduce sites’ workload.
Relieve Sites
All patient administration is in one place and easily accessed by site staff.
Improve Performance
Success stories and lessons learned are shared among all sites to improve performance.
Increase Recruitment
Increased recruitment at a site inspires renewed attention to your study and faster results.
Increase Results
An easily-managed screening process means sites are more cooperative and focused on your study.
Sponsor Insights
We share “facts on the ground” to alert you to any developments or anomalies we glean from interacting with patients and will help adjust criteria if necessary to get to randomizations.
Integrated System
Sites track referred leads, patient progress and tasks in one platform.
Process Management
Track patients from pre-screening to randomization in one interface that displays overall recruitment progress and site by site analytics.
Intuitive Platform
PRM (Patient Relationship Management) Platform is intuitive and easy to use..
After patient enrollment, nRollmed continues to support patients building relationships that ensure high engagement levels and trial completion.
We send reminders and updates, and continually follow up with patients to keep motivation high.
Serving patients' needs with high touch strategies builds long lasting relationships.
Long Term Benefits
Satisfied, engaged patients are an asset and become potential end users.
Getting Started
1. Discovery
We learn everything about the indication and study specifications.
2. Preparation
We prepare the required material for IRB and obtain approvals.
3. Launch
Your campaign goes “on-air” just 2-3 working days after obtaining IRB approval, in any country and in any language.
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