Case Study

Pancreatic Cancer

Enrolling Patients Quickly After Diagnosis
A Multicenter Trial for Pancreatic Cancer
A Phase II multicenter clinical trial was launched using an anti-angiogenic drug combination designed for treating pancreatic cancer. The goal was to recruit 99 patients suffering from pancreatic cancer across 10 sites.
The recruitment was a challenge due to several elements: the rigorous inclusion criteria, other competing clinical trials at many of the trail sites, and the biggest challenge was sadly the very low life expectancy of trial patients. The trail further required that patients be “naive” before the first chemotherapy treatment which meant targeting and engaging with them with extreme sensitivity in the 2 weeks following their initial diagnosis. 
After conducting rigorous research, nRollmed had several strategic insights for recruitment. The patients spent a lot of time seeking alternative treatments across the web and were therefore particularly open to enrolling in clinical trials. Also, patients were less limited to geographical location and were willing to travel longer distances for the opportunity to receive potentially life-saving treatment.
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