Case Study

Dry Eye

CRO Completes Dry Eye Study Ahead of Schedule
A study investigating novel eye drops for treating Dry Eye was struggling to complete recruitment. nRollmed was hired by the CRO running the study to help recruit the last patients. 6 sites across the US were helped over one month of recruiting efforts by nRollmed. The study’s main advantage but also challenge lay in its unique design- a mobile unit housing all the equipment for the study would arrive on site and patients would complete all study-related assessments in it. Practically, this allowed specialized assessments to take place. But is also challenged the team with scheduling since the unit was only available for 1-2 days for scheduling each visit at each site. This meant that interested patients had very limited options for scheduling, and no option to reschedule if something came up last minute. The other main challenge anticipated by the CRO was a high no-show rate.
Customized and Collaborative Approach
nRollmed’s platform and recruitment strategy allowed the swift accrual of interested and pre-screened patients. In addition, nRollmed took over the responsibility of scheduling patients which proved highly successful, since there was no hand-off to an additional scheduling team. Patients received information solely from nRollmed before their first visit, making the process more streamlined for them. nRollmed sent customized appointment reminders which also increased the number of patients who attended their scheduled visits. nRollmed discussed amenities with patients on a site-by-site basis such as whether food and wifi would be provided, which helped patients make decisions and know what to expect. Finally, nRollmed did follow-up surveys with the patients about their experience. There was an exceptionally high response rate to follow-up calls made by nRollmed, and patients were very willing to share their experiences, which nRollmed believes is due to the successful establishment of mutual communication channels built on trust and customer service. Insights from these surveys were shared with the client, which allowed them to optimize future studies.
The nRollmed Method
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Book a discovery call

nRollmed made a significant impact on the recruitment process. Working on the study for just one month led to 43 patients consenting, of which 14 were randomized. The study was able to finish recruitment earlier than anticipated- the client had initially hired nRollmed for two months but after one month’s work, the  project finished recruitment. 

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nRollmed recruited 14 patients in just 1 month.

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