Case Study


Repeat Client Conducts Multi-Phase Study
The Challenge
In 2016, nRollmed was asked to increase recruitment for a Phase 2a study by a pharmaceutical company developing eyedrops to treat presbyopia, the age-related decline in near vision. nRollmed exceeded expectations and was hired to support all subsequent phases of the study. Over the course of the 5 years working on the study, a total of 361 patients were randomized via nRollmed’s service, accounting for 35% of the total randomizations in all phases combined. This saved the sponsor 16 months of recruitment time. By the final phase in 2022, nRollmed had become so adept at optimizing the pre-screening and recruiting process, that with their assistance, the monthly enrollment rate grew from 25 to 62. In addition, nRollmed improved the study’s screen fail rate by 20%. nRollmed’s relationship with the sites and the sponsor strengthened over time, and by the final phase, sites who worked with nRollmed on earlier phases requested to use nRollmed’s services again. nRollmed was able to help the study reach its recruitment goal in just two months of activity.
Approaching the patients with the right messaging was crucial, since presbyopia is not a pressing health condition that people would consider experimental treatment for. The messaging to patients was honed over several years working on the different phases of the study. In addition, the long study days were another challenge to recruiting patients.
The nRollmed Method
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The final phase of the study required 150 patients. When nRollmed joined 3 months in, 96 more patients were needed. The main challenge in this phase was the warp speed needed. Over the 6 years working on the study, nRollmed had developed close relationships with the sponsor and sites, many of whom had worked on several of the phases and requested to work with nRollmed again.

The messaging to patients and pre-screening process were optimized over the years to bring in the highest quality leads. The online platform was refined, with added features based on feedback from the sites.

With each aspect of nRollmed’s service enhanced over the years, this last phase commenced smoothly, and patients were randomized in record time. nRollmed provided 55 randomized patients in 2 months, more than doubling the monthly enrollment rate from 25 to 62, and saving 2 months of recruitment time. Screen fail rate improved by 20%.

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nRollmed tripled the study’s monthly recruitment rate

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