Case Study

Pediatric Myopia

Educate Parents to Enroll Children
nRollmed more than doubles enrollment rate
A pharmaceutical company developing eye drops to slow the progression of myopia (nearsightedness) in children anticipated significant challenges recruiting for their lengthy 4-year study.
Study Challenges
Several challenges existed: first was getting the right messaging and clear information out there to attract and engage parents. Then, we had to  get sites to use a new method  they weren’t familiar with promptly reaching out to interested parents while the topic was top-of-mind.
nRollmed has a proven outreach strategy using multi-layered pre-screening to find eligible trial candidates. Sending qualified candidates to the sites and then providing customized site support help enroll children as randomized patients in the study. Several other strategies were employed including digital assets and custom reporting dashboards for real-time results. 
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enrollment rate
of all randomizations while active

nRollmed saved sponsor 18 months recruitment time

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