Case Study

Pediatric Myopia

Educating Parents to Enroll Children
The Challenge
A US pharmaceutical company developing eye drops to slow myopia progression (nearsightedness) in children anticipated significant challenges recruiting for their lengthy 4-year study. In 2021, the CRO in charge hired nRollmed to help recruit 220 subjects. After a pilot program proved successful, the nRollmed contract was extended for another year. Then, when US recruitment exceeded expectations, the sponsor increased that goal by over 15%. Recruiting children is typically more challenging and costly than adults. The first challenge was to get the messaging right and share clear information that would interest parents. Then the sites had to learn how to effectively recruit the parents and get their consent to enroll their children. From experience we know how critical it is for sites to quickly reach out to interested parents, while they are engaged. nRollmed proved the strong correlation between reaching out quickly to parents and the likelihood of them enrolling a child. With all these challenges, our strategies and support helped the client exceed enrollment goals.
Customized and Collaborative Approach
nRollmed used a proven outreach strategy that included multi-layered pre-screening to find candidates, and then high touch, customized site support that helped enroll qualified patients. To find eligible candidates, a series of text and image ads were tested to determine which generated the highest interest rates. Several creative strategies were used to attract parents and get children enrolled. ▶ nRollmed produced an animated explainer video to address parental concerns and questions. ▶ To make sure the client was updated, nRollmed provided a real-time dashboard. ▶ To address the site’s commitment, level, nRollmed developed supportive relationships with the study coordinators. ▶ nRollmed involved the CRAs who did onsite visits and created an escalation plan for the sponsor to use for poorly performing sites. ▶ nRollmed also provided the client with insight into specific criteria that were hindering recruitment, and feedback from patients about their experience.
The nRollmed Method
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nRollmed saved the sponsor significant time. Over 17 months, 121 patients from nRollmed were randomized in the study, saving 17.8 months, considering the sites’ enrollment rate without nRollmed’s help. The monthly enrollment rate more than doubled, and as time passed, more sites chose to work with nRollmed. nRollmed’s patients made up 46% of the total US recruitments, or 63% of the recruitments in the 17 months that nRollmed was active. These goals were achieved within the sponsor’s budget and at a lower cost than the industry standard for pediatric recruitment. 

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nRollmed saved sponsor 18 months recruitment time

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