Case Study


Medical Device Company Focused on Treatment
The Challenge
A global medical device company launched a study to expand their product’s use for the treatment of OCD. The study was a 10 week, randomized, double blind trial, with a total of 12 participating sites. Strict inclusion requirements including: patients had to already be diagnosed with OCD and maintained on SSRI medication and/or psychotherapeutic behavioral intervention for at least 2 months. After a year of relatively unsuccessful recruitment efforts, only 28 participants had been enrolled, far short of the necessary 100 participants.
Customized and Collaborative Approach
nRollmed worked closely with site staff to provide qualified pre-screened leads that fit the study’s specifications , including the volume of leads that a site was able to process each month, all within the sponsor’s budget. Digital targeting methods helped reach patients with OCD who might be open to investigating other treatment options. Interested patients first answered a digital questionnaire, and then nRollmed’s Patient Liaison team contacted applicants for an individual pre-screening call before referring the patient to the site. The entire process was tracked within the nRollmed Patient Management System, giving site staff an efficient method of recording notes and screening meetings, which also provided the sponsor oversight into the recruitment progress.
The nRollmed Method
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Book a discovery call
Book a discovery call

Recruitment for the OCD trial was successfully completed after 30 months with 100 patients enrolled. While nRollmed was active for 17 months, the team was responsible for the successful recruitment of 42% of patients.
Calculating the time taken to recruit a participant by the sites unaided by nRollmed, it would have taken an additional 11 months to complete the recruitment process if nRollmed had not been supporting the trial.

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nRollmed saves medical device company almost a year on OCD trial

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